NEW RE719 Rivers Edge Stick 32″ Climber Coated Grip Stick Trio 3 Pack Sticks

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The new Grip Stick™ offers security, versatility and portability with the preferred double-step design. Climb hopefully with two steps at each level and Tractionite™ Permanent Non-Slip Coating on the top of Each and every step that won’t rub off or wear out. Be mobile and be fast with the versatility of this great independent climbing stick that nests together for excellent portability. Being quiet could also be very important and the silent RamHorn attachment system eliminates metal-on-on metal contact. There’s no assembly required with the all-welded, squeak-free, construction of the Grip Stick, which is soon to be a staple of all hang-on hunters.


  • Double-Step Design – Two steps at each level make climbing out and in of your stand easier and are especially convenient for hanging your stand (one-footed climbing sticks require dangerous maneuvers to switch feet)
  • Silent RamHorn Attachment System – Looped strap fits over clever RamHorn shaped receiver for protected and silent attachment (no metal-on-metal contact to make noise like you’ll find on other climbing systems)
  • Tractionite™ Permanent Non-Slip Coating – Each and every step surface is coated with a permanent, factory-applied coating for superior grip and added safety
  • Independent Suspension of Each and every Section – Individual sections attach independently allowing you to maneuver around obstacles or work your way around the tree
  • Nesting Design – Sections “nest” together for compact, easy transport
  • All-Welded Construction – No assembly and no bolted parts to shift, squeak or come apart
  • Height: 32″ (Each and every)
  • Weight: 4 lb (Each and every)
  • Capacity: 300 lb (Each and every)
  • Step Width: 11″
  • Step Distance: 15″
  • Tree Diameter: 8″-20″
  • Tree Attachment: 1 cam strap (Each and every)



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