Potty Training Seat Toilet Toddler Chair Baby Trainer Kids Portable Comfort Baby

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Potty Training Seat Toilet Toddler Chair Baby Trainer Kids Portable Comfort Baby

Potty Training Seat Toilet Toddler Chair Baby Trainer Kids Portable Comfort Baby


  • Custom comfort features help make potty training easier. Here’s a simple, obvious, but regularly overlooked potty training tip: a potty that helps little ones feel comfortable, Safe and relaxed helps make potty training easier.
  • With two adjustable potty chair heights (so it isn’t too small or too tall), arm rests to hold, and a comfortable, high seat back, custom comfort potty helps little ones hopefully get on and off the potty, and feel Safe, comfortable and relaxed even as they’re sitting, too.
  • The built-in splash guard for boys helps prevent potty training mess and stress, and the one-piece removable bucket and smooth-surface design makes clean up a breeze.


  • Potty training made easier
  • Two-position height adjustable for a custom comfort fit
  • Armrests and high seat back help little ones feel secure
  • One-piece bowl easily removes for easy clean up
  • Integrated splash guard for boys

Weight and Dimensions

  • 10 x 14.2 x 13.6 inches
  • 4.6 pounds


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